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Volume 1 - Foggy Point Light


The lighthouse has stood on the south end of Green Island for almost a century and a half. It's been vacant for the last 8 decades, with few that know it's history even wanting to venture there. The entire south end of the island, including the lighthouse, has been virtually untouched for the past 20 years since the US Coast Guard sealed it off. And the island has had a peaceful existence for that time, almost forgetting the disappearances that occurred there almost 40 years ago. The island's tourists come and go each year, and the residents don't talk much about the mysteries surrounding the lighthouse anymore. It stands almost forgotten, covered over by time. Many feel that it's best left alone.

But the peace and tranquility that the island has enjoyed for so many years is all about to end. Dan Nelson, a technology executive from Cincinnati, has just purchased the lighthouse from the government, and is planning to restore it and live there with his family. He's read of the unexplained events that occurred around the lighthouse, and even heard warnings from local residents. Still, with several of his closest friends, and his family, he's determined to embark on this adventure and solve the mysteries surrounding the lighthouse. Will he discover the secrets that have been locked away for decades, or will he or his family become the next unexplained disappearance? Will he heed the warnings that he's been given, "Whatever you do, DON'T GO INTO THE FOG".



Foggy Point Light began about ten years ago with an idea. Over that time, I considered several directions that the story could go, but I didn't actually start writing the book until about three years ago in 2013. I've always liked lighthouses, and have enjoyed visiting the ones along the North Carolina and Georgia coast. Since most lighthouses have stories around them, and some even have some unexplained mysteries, I decided to create a mystery around a fictional lighthouse along the North Carolina coast. Many of the cities mentioned in the book are real places along the coast, but Green Island and the places on the island are fictional. The actual geographic location of Green Island would be around where Bald Head Island is located, at the entrance to the Cape Fear River. The island itself, however, most resembles Okracoke Island on North Carolina's Outer Banks, which was actually the real life inspiration for Green Island. Even though there are many differences between the two, there are a lot of similarities as well, and it's these similarities that tie the locations together. Both are fairly isolated locations with no direct connection to the mainland except by auto ferry. This was the exact setting that I envisioned for Foggy Point Light, a place set apart from the rest of the world. And I hope you'll agree that the setting worked pretty well. This merging between a real location and a fictional place was meant to give a certain realism to the island in the book, so that even though you won't find it exactly as described on any map, it becomes real nonetheless. I hope you'll come with me on the journey to Green Island, with Dan and his friends, to try and solve the mysteries of Foggy Point Light.



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