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Volume 2 - Ripples: Return to Foggy Point Light


It was the biggest celebration that Green Island had ever seen, complete with a visit from the President of the United States for his campaign tour. The lighthouse has seen 150 years at the southern tip of the island. Dan and his family have been enjoying the festivities, but even in the midst of the crowds who have flocked to the island for the week, he feels that something is out of place. He's awakened from a dream by a violent thunderstorm; a dream in which he is mesmerized by a beautiful woman who appears out of a mysterious fog. Who is she, and how does she fit into the events happening on the island? Could she be someone from Dan's past whom he's long forgotten? Dan is sure that he doesn't know her, yet a part of him still wonders. A mysterious man standing out in the storm, as well as an incredible photograph only add to the puzzle.

Continue the adventure, as Dan, along with his friends and family return to Foggy Point Light. Is everything as it seems, or is there another mystery shadowing the lighthouse, a mystery that threatens to completely change Dan's perception of his reality.

Find out the answers to these and other questions in the second installment of the Foggy Point Light Trilogy.



At the time that I finished Foggy Point Light, the last chapter of that book was meant to be the ending. It was written as a satisfying, stand alone part of the story, and indeed, the story could have ended there. It wasn't until trying to decide what my next project would be that I actually thought of continuing the Foggy Point Light series. Maybe there was more to the story that needed to be told. While the Foggy Point Light story had been neatly wrapped up, what if everything wasn't exactly as it appeared to be? After all, this was Green Island, and this was Foggy Point Light. I began to consider unique and fascinating possibilities that could be altogether probable in the context of the island and of the lighthouse. it was then that "Ripples" was conceived in my mind, and with it the idea of continuing the Foggy Point Light story as a trilogy. "Ripples: Return to Foggy Point Light" is the second installment in the Foggy Point Light Trilogy with the third book, Project Vortex, scheduled for release in early 2019. This free download of the first chapter of "Ripples" offers just a glimpse of things to come. I hope you enjoy continuing the journey with Dan and his friends, as they all return to Foggy Point Light.



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