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Volume 3 - Project Vortex


Angela wakes up in a small room, not knowing where she is or how she got there. Before waking up on the floor of what looks like a small office, she remembers walking into the fog to look for Mark out at an old lighthouse that's crumbling with years of neglect. That's the last thing that she does remember, however. Upon exploring her surroundings, she realizes that she's probably in the keepers house of a lighthouse, but this can't be the same one that she remembers from earlier! This one, while old, still is in reasonably good shape and seems to have a functioning light. She also realizes that she's not alone! Someone is trying to get in, and not knowing who or why, she's not ready to encounter anyone just yet. Her mind still seems to be trapped in the same fog that she walked into earlier, and as she struggles to recall the events of the past several hours, she's propelled into the realization of her new reality. It's a reality that defies time and space and will ultimately test her ability to comprehend the impossible!

Continue the journey that Mark and Angela began, as they find themselves caught up in Project Vortex, a top secret government project which takes them to the very brink of something that never should have been attempted! It's an odyssey across generations, as they struggle against time and all odds to discover the mysteries of the lighthouse and put things back the way that they're supposed to be. Will they ultimately meet with success, or will their efforts be in vain as they're thrust into a new reality that by everything that they've always known should be impossible? Consider the impossible as you take the journey with them to find the secrets of Project Vortex and Foggy Point Light.



Project Vortex is the next step beyond what Mark and Ryan Langtree were envisioning in Ripples. It's the culmination of what would happen if they ultimately are successful and finally achieve their goal. But finally realizing their ultimate objective does come with a price.

Project Vortex explores the boundaries of what should even be considered. Sometimes just because you have the capability to accomplish something, doesn't necessarily mean that you should. There are some things in this world that should be left alone. Once you begin to think that your decisions can improve the world that God himself created and set into motion, then you're also in danger of destroying the balance and order that He created as well.

As I was exploring how the Foggy Point Light Trilogy should ultimately conclude, I was drawn back to the events of Volume 1, the first installment in the series, and to what Dr. Chandler and Dr. Langtree were originally sent to accomplish. While power and ambition finally destroyed any chance of success for that original mission, I began to consider the possibilities that could be opened up if someone else in another time came to the same realization and attempted to accomplish their original goal. Would they have any better chance of success, or would they fall victim to the same temptations?

I hope you will explore this with me, along with Dan, Angela, and the rest of their friends and family, as the Foggy Point Light Trilogy is drawn into it's final exciting conclusion.



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