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The Foggy Point Light adventure continues with Ripples: Return to Foggy Point Light, Volume 2 of the Foggy Point Light Trilogy.

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For Dan Nelson, everything seems just as it should be. He and his family are having a great time on Green Island for the lighthouse dedication celebration. But is anything really as it seems on Green Island? Mysterious forces that are beyond Dan's comprehension are still at work on the island around the lighthouse. Forces that will shape his future and change his past even more, totally turning his life upside down.



Lighthouses have always held a special fascination for me. As anyone who's ever been in my house can attest, there are dozens of lighthouses in all sizes in every room. Some are small sculptures, while some are slightly larger and actually light up. Through the years, from the time that I was growing up in a small town in upstate South Carolina, I've had the opportunity to visit all of the North Carolina lighthouses and several of the South Carolina and Georgia ones as well. I've even climbed the spiral staircases in some to get a spectacular view from the top. And no trip to the top of a lighthouse would be complete without a thorough examination of the lantern house. All lighthouses seem to have stories surrounding them, and some even have a few mysteries as well. For these reasons, I felt a lighthouse would be the perfect setting for my first novel. Foggy Point Light is a fictional lighthouse on an island just off the North Carolina coast. It's the setting for a mystery that has gone on for over a century and still hasn't been solved. Because of what happened there over 40 years ago, most of the islands residents are content to keep the lighthouse locked away at the southern tip of the island. They're not anxious to open up the past. But the past can't be locked away forever. It has to be dealt with, and with the arrival of a stranger from the mainland, who plans to restore the lighthouse, the time for dealing with it is now. I hope you will enjoy taking the journey with me, a journey over time, to finally unlock the secrets of Foggy Point Light.



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